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Housing inox vi sinh một lõi lọc

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Product Description

Single Fluid Sanitary Filter Housing

Housing inox vi sinh một lõi lọc


Name:Single Fluid Sanitary Filter Housing
Manufacturing process:Stainless Steel Materials
Scope of application:Wine, Mineral water, Drinking water
Surface treatment:Electrical polish, Mirror polish ,Sand polish , Acid washing,2B


Single Fluid Sanitary Filter is high quality sanitary grade filter which service for small flow rate.Single Fluid Sanitary Filter have excellent surface treatment and the maximal corrosion-resistant in order to prevent the bacterial contamination. The unique structure of the sanitary filter housing ensures inside and outside surface have no dead corner and conforms to the requirements of GMP, the filter housing can be completely disassembled and washed, easy to operate.Feature 

  • The high level of Polishing, inner surface≤0.3 um Ra, outside surface can meet 0.4 um. It is absolute hygienic level polishing
  • Using strong Quick-open design, the highest operate pressure up to 1.0MPa
  • Special vent valve and drain valve: thread sleeve and the tower joint keep separate, the connect hose cannot rotate during pressure release and fluid discharge
  • The legs of filter using strengthening screw is not easy to slide, more durable; the bottom of the legs can install adjusting screws and can adjust the height of the filter. It is convenient to use.


  • The pharmaceutical industry: pre filter various antibiotics liquor
  • Food and beverage industry: alcohol, mineral water, drinking water filtration
StructureOperating Conditions




Max operating pressure0.6Mpa, 1.0Mpa
Max operating temperature150°C
DisinfectOnline or steam siterilization: 121°C/30min
Shell304, 316L
Vent/Drain valve304
Quick-open, Stabilizer blade304
O-RingEPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicone
Connection of shellTri-Clamp
N1, N2 In-outletTri-Clamp
N3 Pressure gauge (option)1.5* Tri-Clamp
N4Vent valve (Option)M6 Thread
N5 Drain valve (Option)M6 Thread
Cartridges connection222type, 226type
Surface Finish
Finish typeMechanical/ Electrolytical polishing Sand blasting
Polishing precision0.3 μ m Inner Surface Ra≤0.3 μ m0.4 μ m Outside Surface Ra≤0.4 μ m
Dimension Parameters
A: Total height625625625
B: The distance from inlet to center110
C: Shell diameterΦ101.6
D: The height from in- outlet to ground170
In-Outlet N1, N2 Size1”
The above–mentioned data is the standard, it can customize according to customer’s requirements.
Selection Table
Qty. of Bag FilterModel of Bag FilterCartridges connectionShell MaterialIn-outlet connectionO-ring
1R=1 Pc10=10″ CartridgeS=226 Type4=304K=Tri-clampE=EPDM
20=20″ CartridgeT=222 Type6=316LF=PTFE
30=30″ CartridgeV=Viton
40=40″ CartridgeS=Silicone

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