Phụ kiện đường ống inox vi sinh nối nhanh clamp

Bầu giảm đồng tâm inox vi sinh nối clamp

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Product Description

Bầu giảm đồng tâm inox vi sinh nối clamp

Product Name: ReducerLabel: As per customer’s requestPacking: method Carton, plywood pallet, plywood caseDelivery: Transport by Sea / Air / Express / Pickup












Clamped Reducer                                                              ISO/IDF

1 1/4″×1″9250.550.531.8×25.41.65×1.65
1 1/2″×1 1/49250.550.531.8×31.81.65×1.65
1 1/2″×1″9250.550.538.1×25.41.65×1.65
2″×1 1/2″1096450.550.8×38.11.65×1.65
2″×1 1/4″1096450.550.8×31.81.65×1.65
2 1/2″×2″10977.56463.5×50.82.11×2.11
2 1/2″×1 1/2″10977.550.563.5×38.12.11×2.11
2 1/2″×1″10977.550.563.5×25.42.11×2.11
3″×2 1/2″1099177.576.2×63.52.11×2.11
3″×1 1/2″1099150.576.2×38.12.11×2.11
3 1/2″×3″1091069189×76.22.11×2.11
3 1/2″×2 1/2″10910677.589×63.52.11×2.11
3 1/2″×2″1091066489×50.82.11×2.11
4″×3 1/2″129119106101.6×892.11×2.11
4″×2 1/2″12911977.5101.6×63.52.11×2.11
The entire valve assembly testing

  • 100% inspection in accordance with the detection of single

 Valve seal test

  • Testing standards is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 12266-1
  • 100% of the valves are sealed after installation test

 The detection of surface finish

  • 100% visual inspection
  • Surface finish cytometry

 Weld Inspection

  • 100% visual inspection
  • ALL welds are detected through the endoscope 100% , rather than directly with the naked eye
  • 100% of the stress test

Contact with the material body for non-destructive testing

( According to customer requirements or internal norms required )

  • Body material composition

– Spectrometer detection

– Detection of ferrite content

  • Body material structure

– Visually

– Liquid penetrant test holes

– X -ray inspection

  • Size control

– Standards of professional equipment testing

– Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

 Meets DIN EN 10204 specification material proof

  • Provided by stainless steel oven Analysis Report No. 3.1

(In line with U.S factory test report MTR)

This also applies to all material analysis report in accordance with the requirements of ASME-BPE standard

  • documentation to prove the consistency of the results
  • specification provides consistency proof

Sản phẩm Bầu giảm đồng tâm inox vi sinh nối clamp cho thực phẩm sử dụng rộng rãi trong ngành công nghiệp thực phẩm, bia, rượu, cồn, nước giải khát, đồ uống, sữa, các sản phẩm từ sữa chưa đồng nhất, dược phẩm, công nghệ sinh học, mỹ phẩm, hóa chất,… GIÁ NHÀ SẢN XUẤT, CAM KẾT ĐẾN CÙNG VỀ CHẤT LƯỢNG SẢN PHẨM!


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