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March 28, 2018

Tay kẹp bằng nhựa cho van bướm inox vi sinh nối ren

Threaded directional butterfly valve with plastic handleTay kẹp bằng nhựa cho van bướm inox vi sinh nối ren
1.     Valve Body Material: 1.4404/1.4301, SS304/SS316L2.     Seal Material: EPDM (standard) FPM/SILICON/NBR, FDA177.2600

3.     Mex. working pressure: 10Bar

4.     Max. Working Temperature: 120 degree C

5.     Availably  size: DN10-DN300, 1/2″-12″

6.     Availably connection: Clamp / weld / thread/ weld thread/ flange

7.     Availably standard: 3A/DIN/SMS/RJT/ISO/IDF

8.     Operated: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric

9.     Control: Sensor, C-TOP, C-top controller(AS-I)

10.  Certificate: ISO, PED/97/23/EC, FDA.177.2600

11.  Handle application: Two-position handle, three-position handle, four-position pull handle, multi-position plastic handle and multi-position stainless steel handle

12.  Application scope: Dairy, food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, Chemical, etc.

13.  Packaging Details: Bubble pack for each valve. Outside packing are carton or plywood cases. Or as per the request of customers.

14.  Delivery details: Usually within 20 days after receiving T/T down payment.


Product’s information


We type Plastic Multi-position Handle



Adjusting adjustment 15°, 13 position used for butterfly valve


Product quality assurance
ApplicationThe series of this valve is a kind of sanitary pneumatic or manual handle butterfly valve, which are wedely used in staimless steel pipeline system to control and regulate medium flow.



Word Principle

This kind of valve can be handled both by manuaal or an electric actuator, and also can be handled by a pneumatic actuator.

Electric actuator or pneumatic actuator is to covert the axial movemen of poston to be 90 rotation of valve shaft. So that the valve can be open or close to achieve the requirement of control and open/close for the pipeline system. They have three type of actuator : normally open (NO) , normally closed (NC), air/ air (A/A).

Muti- position handle regulates the valve by 15 in its open or close 12 seat, and achieve control of medium flow purpose:Pulling handle regulates the valve through four multi-function positioning, in its open or close four position, and also achieves control of medium flow purpose.



Standard Design

Various satndards of valves can be provided to clinets: DIN,3A,SMS,IOS/IDF,BS/RJT,ASME/BPF etc.

The parts of valve usually include: two pieces body of valve, disc,gasket and the entire valve is assemble together with bolt and nuts.3 piece butterfly valve also include two flanges and tow gaskets of flange.






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