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Split Type Full-auto CIP Cleaning System

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Split Type Full-auto CIP Cleaning System


System Working principle

  • Automatic control of the flow of cleaning fluid
  • Automatic control of the cleaning fluid temperature
  • Automatic control of liquid level in tank
  • The concentration of acid and alkali in the tank is automatically compensated
  • Acid, lye, hot water for phase control operation
  • System alarm device

The main equipment of the system is included

  • CIP cleaning solution tank (acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, water tank)
  • Two concentrated acid/base single tank
  • CIP process pump and CIP return pump
  • Two concentrated acid (alkali) liquid diaphragm pump
  • Heat exchanger (plate, tube)
  • An electrical control box
  • A set of control tube valves
  • A set of automatic implementation of components and electrical materials
  • CIP cleaning solution tank: 1000L-10000L
  • According to customer needs. Can be made into a double circuit, three circuits, four circuits, ect. At the same time multiple cleaning circuit at the same time
  • The heating method can be: place type, coil type, tube type

Automatic CIP cleaning refers to the equipment (tanks, pipes, pumps, valves, ect.) and the entire production line without manual disassembly under the premise of the closed loop in the cycle of cleaning.

System control parameters

The system uses PLC programming control, with color touch screen operation display the entire production process and the control parameters, cleaning fluid temperature can be set, the pH can be set on the tank, the cleaning time can be set, the cleaning sequence can be set, cleaning refluxing pH can be set, equipped with system fault alarm device.


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