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Semi-auto Split Type CIP Cleaning System

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Semi-auto Split Type CIP Cleaning System


The heating of the cleaning liquid is automatic heating mode, the cleaning temperature is set by the temperature controller, the opening amount of the steam regulating valve is controlled to limit the amount of steam so that the cleaning liquid is maintained at the required temperature; the level of the liquid level in the CIP station the use of automatic alarm and instructions; when the concentration of cleaning solution is reduced, by adding artificial concentrated acid; cleaning process conversion by manual operation of the corresponding pipeline valve; tank water for artificial water.

Technical Parameters

Tank specifications1000L-10000L
CIP tank categoryAlkali tank, acid tank, hot water tank, water tank
Cleaning circuitSingle circuit, double circuit, three circuits, four circuits
Heating methodTank built-in coil heating, external plate heating, external tube heating
Automated configuration and features  Fully automatic
  1. Automatic cleaning fluid flow control
  2. Cleaning fluid temperature automatic control
  3. Automatic adjustment of tank level
  4. The concentration of acid and alkali in the tank is automatically compensated
  5. Acid, lye, hot water for phase control operation
  6. System alarm device
  1. Automatic cleaning fluid temperature control
  2. With power distribution cabinet, manual control of other operations
ManualManual operation


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