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Double Concentrator


Produce Specifications:

This concentrator is suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food dairy and other liquid material, especially for low temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

  1.  Energy efficiency, according to SJN-1000 type calculation, a year to save steam about 3500 tons, saving about 90,000 tons of cooling water, saving about 80,000 degrees, equivalent to 10-15 million yuan. (Compared with single effect)
  2. The enrichment of the use of natural heating and natural vacuum cycle vacuum evaporation, with evaporation speed, the concentration ratio of up to 1.2-1.35 (general Chinese medicine extract), no open pot boil.
  3. The concentrator with two effects at the same time evaporation, secondary steam to be used, Guichang not only saves the investment in the boiler, saving energy consumption, energy consumption and single-effect concentrator compared to 50% lower, less than a year available energy to recover the full investment of the concentrator.
  4. Multi-functional operating characteristics: (1) recyclable alcohol concentration of about 80%; (2) single effect, the second effect can be repeated and pot paste; (3) can be intermittent, continuous feeding.
  5. The concentrator has a special structure, concentrated material with a thick taste, paste evenly, so that the material in the sealed state without foam under the concentration, not easy to run materials, reduce pollution, the day the material finished the day finished, easy to cook, cleaning convenient, open the heater up and down the lid to clean, and save labor, one person can operate.
  6. The concentrator and the material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS304, heaters, evaporator are equipped with insulation layer, the use of polyurethane foam insulation, the outer surface matte matt treatment, in line with GMP pharmaceutical standards.


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