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Concentrated Diluterl

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Concentrated Diluterl


  • This series of equipment with heating, cooling and insulation, mixing deployment function. Containers according to “steel pressure vessel technical conditions” for design and processing.
  • Specifications are 0.05m3-5.0m3 different capacity for the choice, but also according to the actual needs of users to design, processing.
  • The use of sandwich structure, with a large heating area, less welding and so on.
  • Shaft seal with sanitary grade carbide and silicon carbide 204 balanced mechanical seal. Wear resistance. Reducer selection of imports, speed of 60-82 r/min. Can also use the inverter to speed.
  • The interface adopts the international standard ISO standard fast chuck type, the material is imported 316L or 304, the inner surface mirror is polished Ra=0.28µm, the outer surface matte or mirror polished.
  • Level gauge with a glass tube level gauge, static pressure sensor level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge to choose from.
  • Structure is divided into upper and lower oval head or under the convex bottom of the oval head structure to ensure that the liquid dose not remain.
  • Jacket structure is divided into standard jacket, outer coil jacket, honeycomb jacket three options.

Fermentor (seed cans, crystal cans) are widely used in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, bioengineering and other industries, the tank with sandwich, insulation layer (can be heated, cooling, insulation). Tank and upper and lower head (or tapered) are used spinning R angle processing, the mirror inside the mirror surface polishing, finish Ra=0.4µm, no health dead angle, fully enclosed design to ensure that the material is always in a pollution-free state, fermentation, equipment equipped with air respirator, cleaning ball, health hole, sight glass, depending on the lamp and other devices.

Pharmaceuticals fine chemicals, biological products fermentation process is a sterile, non-polluting process in which fermentors use sterile systems to prevent and prevent contamination of microorganisms in the air, greatly extending your product’s retention and purity, specially designed aseptic airway or sterile positive pressure, fermentation system. Can be heated or cooled by heating or cooling medium. Parts that come in contact with the material are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L. The polyurethane foam is foamed or pearl cotton, and surface is frosted and matte, and conforms to the GMP standard.

Capacity from 100-20000L a variety of different specifications.


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