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Aseptic Plate Sterilizer (UHT)

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Aseptic Plate Sterilizer (UHT)


Control mode: automatic (PLC control, touch screen display)

The process parameters are 5°C ? 65°C (homogeneous) ? 137°C (3-5S) ? 20°C to 25°C. The system uses ultra-high temperature treatment, so that liquid dairy products, tea drinks, fruit juice to achieve strict sterilization, and then into the aseptic packaging, the sterilization temperature of 137°C, the temperature holding time of 3-5S, so as to maintain beverages, dairy products, the original nutritional color and flavor. The device has a high heat recovery rate, compact structure, beautiful, temperature control and other characteristics, this product has hot filling, the material temperature control, but also cold filling.

Technical Parameter

ModelProduction capacity (L/H)Material inlet temperatureHolding time (S)Sterilization temperatureMaterial outlet temperatureIce water inlet temperatureSteam pressureSteam consumptionCompressed air pressureCompressed air consumptionDimensionsTotal weight
LC-UHT-1100050 C>4-15105~143°C20°C≤2°C0.5MPa~150kg/h0.6MPa50L/H3500*2000*25001700kg


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