LONG CUONG is one of the world leading organizations in designing, manufacturing, installing, technical consulting and technological transferring in the form of TURNKEY PROJECT for dairy, biotech, pharmaceutical, beverage and food industry.

Innovation of LONG CUONG Machinery Direct provision of extensive processing and installation services for users Acknowledged project experience The above three features will make LONG CUONG Machinery distinguishing.

  1. Initial Budget
  2. Quotation
  3. Design
  4. Purchase
  5. Manufacture
  6. Test and Inspection
  7. Delivery and Equipment Start-up
  8. Training
  9. Maintenance Service
  • Initial Budget

Once a project is determined, so it is with process frame and function. A good beginning is half the success. This course comedown to determination, analysis, deletion and the outcome of a best layout. We put emphasis upon general equipment and production problem, make certain of performance requirement, collect operation information, form a complete production line and study out the budget. Thus, we get a feasible layout and all information will be top secret.

  • Quotation

Once the project is studied out, there will be quotation. The materials include outline, quotation demand, technical requirements and description of the system, equipment function and other items. In doing so, one can make a just judgment for machinery parts, quote price, system and the manufacturer when choosing a partner.

  • Design

A project team will fall to work formally after the quotation is done. A meeting will be held at regular intervals among project manager, salesmen and consigner in order to make out all details and get a final documentation, which will be used for production and fieldwork after auditing.

  • Purchasing

Most facilities are self-optional to ensure compatibility and project schedule. It also helps shorten the time from order to delivery

  • Manufacture

The approved documentation is the foundation of production. Any equipment that is not manufactured on the spot should be identified by our quality control experts according to strict stipulation. Inspections should be done at regular intervals to make it sure that subcontractors are also up to quality standard.

The production items are classified into six categories:

Dairy/Beverage processing machine:

We offer design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and training service. Till now, already supply hundreds of factories these production line.

Food Sterilization Machine:

Our New Design, Fully automatic high-temperature and high pressure retort machine was honored the patent certification awarded by the Stale Patent Office. LONG CUONG retort is used in more than 380 food factories. Its sales amount is rising year by year.

Biological and Pharmaceutical Machinery:

Fermentation tank, falling film evaporator, multi-function extractor and evaporator, Alcohol Recovery Tower, Mixing Vessel and Vat, etc.

Water treatment equipment:

Provide different requirements of water treatment production lines and turnkey projects. Such as drinking water, Mineral water, purified water, soften water and all other industrial use deionized water equipment.

Pump, valve, pipe and fitting:


Pressure Vessel for Reacting:

Reactor, heat exchanger, separator, storage tank etc.

Pressure Range: 0.1 MPa~10MPa

  • Test and Inspection

All systems must be checked according to concerted procedures. If one wants the check work done in his own way, we can also arrange it for him.

  • Delivery and Equipment Start-up

Based on years of experience, the technical rules of installation will help simplify the start-up test of equipment. During the course, our engineers will provide spot guide and carry out project test and check for equipment. Result obtained will be handed to buyer’s representatives for review. The acceptance of the result will indicate the acceptance of the system.

  • Training

Before installation and start-up, the operators will get trained. The contents may be spot explanation and operational maintenance training.

  • Maintenance Service

To ensure the normal production, the maintenance and spare parts can be provided by LONG CUONG company. The maintenance agreement can be aimed at a single machine, several production lines or the whole plant. The agreement may be one part of the original contract or is to be made later after the equipment is newly put into operation.

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